Tuesday, November 14, 2017

This girl runs on cupcakes and Jesus

November 13, 2017

This week was awesome! So many good things in one week! :) But I am running a little low on time so I will just share the highlights 

On Tuesday we got to go to the St Louis temple ad it was AMAZING. I love the temple. after the temple we got to go and see the St Louis arch which was really cool! I can now cross that off the bucket list. :) Yay! 

Also this week, we had a really cool experience. We have been working with this recent convert who has been struggling to keep the word of wisdom. Well, we asked him if we could send him a scripture every day and he said yes, he thought that might be helpful. Which was great! So we started sending him scriptures every day and the second day we sent him one, he actually responded and said "thank you so much" which isn't  a super big deal but it was nice. Well, we had a lesson with him later in the week where he told us a really neat story. He was at work and for some reason had NO patience that day. He was just grumpy and in a bad mood and at one point he was so frustrated he looked up at the sky and said "Jesus, give me strength." and then his phone went off. He thought "are you kidding me? what now?" and pulled out his phone and it said "Missionaries" with a scripture. He said he looked around to see if were close by, we weren't. He opened up to it in the scriptures and read a little bit and he said he had a better rest of the day.  I thought this was really cool, God is so aware of each of us and knows what we need. He also has a really good sense of humor. :) 

We also had Interviews with our Mission President this week and I had a really cool interview with his wife. We talked about light and how we need to be doing something that brings light into our lives. I took this to heart and have started listening to talks in the morning  and I have started singing more often and dancing in the kitchen to gospel music when I'm cooking food and it has brought so much light and happiness into my life it's crazy! It's amazing what trying to bring light into your life and making more of an effort to bring happy things that are Christ centered into your life can have on you and your emotional state. It was a cool experience to have. Small, but neat. 

Well, that's all I have for you this week. I hope y'all know how much I love you and how much the Lord loves you. What an amazing life we live and what a cool opportunity we have to come to know we are children of God and to realize how much he loves us. We are so blessed. Have a great week! 

~Sister Madisen Lloyd


Picture 1:Sister Fife and Sister Lloyd and the temple!

Picture 2: Sister Lloyd and Sister Sanders at the temple

Picture 3: Sister Fife and Sister Lloyd at the Arch

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


November 6, 2017

If you didn't know, that is the call of the Arkansas Razorbacks which I am now a fan of. I haven't watched any games or anything, don't get any crazy ideas, but where I'm now an honorary Arkansaian I am a Razorback! You can be jealous, I would be. ;) 

Well this week was good! We got a lot done.

Monday: On Monday we helped the Primary President set up for the trunk or treat and then did all of the other things that need to be done on prep day. It was a good day!  Nothing too crazy happened. 

Tuesday: Halloween! What a fun day! We spent the morning doing normal missionary things. We started the day doing service at the Retirement home and that was great as usual. A bunch of the little old ladies brought in candy and gave it to all of the helpers. One came up to me and was like "Say trick or treat!" and so I did and she handed me some candy and had the BIGGEST smile in the world! It was adorable! After that we went and visited some less actives  and then went to the ward's trunk or treat. It was so funny because Sister Fife and I switched name tags because we couldn't do much to dress up and this little boy came running up to us and just started laughing and said "LLOYD IS FIFE AND FIFE IS LLOYD!" and then ran away. It was adorable. After that we went home and waited for trick or treaters and only had one. But we gave them candy and a pass along card!  

Wednesday: On Wednesday we had District meeting and we talked all about the Christmas Initiative that the church is putting out this year, the Light the World Initiative! It's the best and we are SO DANG EXCITED. If you didn't do it last year ( I didn't) now is a great time to decide to be better than you were a year ago and do it! It is going to bless you and others and it's a great way to share the gospel with others! You should all do it! After that we came home and we did some service at the humane society walking dogs. That evening we had a lesson with a little ten year old boy we teach, John. We taught him the ten commandments and it was so fun! I love him! After that we went to mutual and learned about budgeting and getting the best deal for your money. Which is a lesson I really needed to learn! So that was good! 

Thursday: On Thursday we drove almost an hour to do service at a food bank and it was closed, it was sad. So we recorded a lip sink to frosty the snowman to cheer us up. It's pretty good. The rest of the day was visiting less actives and teaching a lesson to our recent convert Ethan who was baptized right before I got here. That night we had a lesson with a less active couple that we teach. So we went home and weekly planned and got about half way done. It was a good day!

Friday: On Friday we had a good day of trying to visit a bunch of people and no one being home and so then we would try to visit someone else and no one was home. It was a LONG day. I don't remember anything of too much importance other than we finished weekly planning. I hate slow days on the mission.

Saturday: On Saturday we had a lot of really good lessons. We had a lesson with the pant less lady I talked about a couple weeks ago, she still is working on finding her pants! But we did vacuum her living room so I mean that's good! We also had a lesson with a lady named Laura who is working on becoming active. I was really nervous because when we walked into her house she was really grumpy and was telling us that she didn't think that what the pamphlet we gave her said lined up with the Bible. So we sat down, had a prayer and then talked about her questions. Turned out she didn't actually read the pamphlet, she saw a word she thought meant something it didn't and then got way ahead of herself so we were able to calm her down and everything was great. 

Sunday: On Sunday we watched a really good Regional Broadcast from the church as kind of a preparation for Stake Conference. It was super good! After that we had a lunch with some members and they were awesome! We talked about all of our favorite scripture stories and we were talking about Moroni when he spent 40 years by himself and I jokingly said "Just imagine spending 40 birthdays by yourself!" (quoting a Hank Smith talk I had just listened to) and then started talking about something else and suddenly the 14 year old son starts CRACKING UP and we all looked at him confused and he says "What if.... Moroni threw himself a SURPRISE PARTY!" and he just started cracking up. So we all started cracking up! It was seriously so funny. That night we had a lesson with Ethan and we had another lesson with a lady named Debbie.... Debbie is a little crazy but overall it was a really good lesson! She called us later and thanked us and told us it made her feel like someone loved her which was actually really cool. 

Well This week I have been thinking about the idea that, it doesn't really matter how slowly or quickly we move forward, but what matters is THAT we move forward. Forward is forward. I think this is important because sometimes I see other people who appear to be moving way faster than me and I get discouraged, but I shouldn't compare myself to them because our circumstances are different and our strengths and weaknesses are different. What matters is that we are moving forward. I would invite you all to give yourself a break and give yourself credit for the strides you already have made or are working on making. You're doing better than you think. God loves you and so do I! Have a great week!​​

~Sister Madisen Lloyd

Sunday, November 5, 2017

"Would there be enough evidence?"

October 30, 2017

This week was good! A lot of super cool things happened that I'm excited to share with you!

Monday- PDay! We did all the things that every missionary needs to do in order to be a successful missionary the rest of the week and moved on with life! 

Tuesday- On Tuesday we started our day with service! Every Tuesday we go do service at this assisted living home for older ladies and gentleman and I LOVE IT. It's seriously so fun. There is this one super sweet older gentleman who is seriously so sweet. He always looks at me and with the biggest smile says "Thank you Sister Lloyd!" and this week he looked at me and said "I'm not trying to flatter you, but it's so nice of you to be so happy and friendly to all of these people." and it seriously made my week! After that we were able to have the opportunity to practice using our back up plans! In our mission we have a super strong emphasis on "planning our day with the Lord" in that we try to pray and set all of the things that we have planned and that we feel like we should do and THEN we set back up plans for the whole day so that IF something were to fall through we aren't like "oh shoot... guess we can go home" but instead we have something else planned. Well, on Tuesday we had a bunch of things fall through and we were able to practice back up plans. I won't lie, I'm not very good at setting back up plans. I just want my original plans to work out and have life be good! Buuuuut that doesn't usually happen. So I was humbled and reminded that back up plans are important and that I should probably take them a little more seriously. 

Wednesday- On Wednesday we went and walked dogs for our service... this was... one of the best decisions we've ever made. W go to the Humane Society and walk the dogs that are there and they are seriously so sweet. It makes me so sad but the dogs just LOVE to be walked and talked to and it's so fun. So that was awesome. The rest of the day we had some visits with less actives and did a little bit of tracting with no success, unfortunately. On Wednesday night we went to mutual and taught two of the young men about missionary work. We asked them if they wanted to talk about ways to share the gospel casually now or practice being missionaries and teaching the first discussion and they picked practice teaching the first discussion. So together we went through the Restoration lesson in Preach My Gospel and picked out two or three important parts from each section of the lesson and then had them teach it to their young men's leader. It was actually really good and we invited them to go through it again during the week and mark those points and study that section. It was fun to teach! They're both going to make great missionaries some day. 

Thursday- On Thursday Sister Fife and weekly planned! So boring! For real! But it helps us to be better prepared for the rest of the week. After that we had dinner at a member's house and they fed us rabbit! I had never had rabbit before (that I can remember at least) and they breed their own rabbits and raise them for food storage. But anyway it was really good and I was happy! I feel bad though because all I could think of was Peter Cottontail. We came home at the end of the night so tired but... got an idea.... neither of us are too terribly fond of Halloween.... we both have a strong love for CHRISTMAS. SO... we decided it was close enough to set up our Christmas tree :) There is a tiny little Christmas tree and some ornaments in our apartment so we set it up and decorated it and put twinkly lights all over our apartment and listened to Christmas carols.  

Friday- On Friday we had a Zone Conference. So we got up at 5am, left our apartment at 6, a member drove us the two hours to zone conference and then sat in zone conference for six hours. It was a long day. BUT Zone Conference was so good! We talked about how we can be better representatives of Jesus Christ. It was super awesome and I learned a LOT. I have so much to do to be a better representative of Christ but I'm excited to see that I have already made improvements. On the way home, the member was driving and I was sitting up front. The member (an older lady) was talking to me, telling me a story and she looked over at me as we were coming around a bend, for some reason my eyes were glued to the road and then suddenly I noticed that there were deer on the road about 100- 150 yards in front of us and our member was speeding... I shouted "DEER!"  the member screamed "HOLD ON!" and slammed on the breaks, Sister Fife woke up in the back seat when she almost hit the back of my seat and somehow... the member stopped in time. I am convinced that there were angels pushing and pulling our car to a stop. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father is aware of us and was able to protect us. By the time we got home we had just enough time to have dinner, have a lesson with a recent convert, have comp study and go to bed. I was EXHAUSTED.

Saturday- On Saturday we had a good day! We had a few lessons and spent a lot of time visiting less active members. We had a little bit of weekly planning to finish and then after that the day was done. Saturday was a good day but nothing too notable happened. 

Sunday- On Sunday we had church which was good and then we went home and had lunch. We did a little bit of studies because we didn't have time before church, after that we were able to go visit some less actives. We had dinner at home and we found this chicken and rice casserole thing in our freezer and made it! It was actually really good! :) After that we went back out to visit less actives for the rest of the evening and per usual nobody was home. So that was a bummer. We come home and had companion study and then went to bed. 

Well, at Zone Conference this week there was something that really struck me. was President Loveland asked us a question "If you lived in a country where being a believer in Christ was illegal, would there be enough evidence to convict you?" This struck me and it has been weighing heavy on my mind and heart as I evaluate my "evidence". I would invite y'all to look at your "evidence" and make any changes you feel like you need to make. I love y'all! Have a great week!
~Sister Madisen Lloyd

Monday, October 23, 2017

"Jesus is bigger than my circumstances!"

October 23, 2017

This week was so great! I had so many concerns! 1 I hadn't seen my camera since I left Granby and I did NOT want to lose the pictures from the first half of my mission! 2 My Tiwi card (the card that I need to be able to drive the mission cars) was missing! Yes, I lose things a lot. I know. It's fine. and 3 I have felt SO overwhelmed with adjusting to a new area. BUT Today a member texted us and he found my camera in their car! It fell out at some point! My Tiwi card got mailed to me today! And I'm filled with a peace that one way or another I'm going to adjust to this new area and be able to fulfill my purpose! I'm such a blessed person!

Well... one cool thing that happened this week was that we were tracting and we set a time that we were going to be done tracting... 4:15. So finally 4:15 comes around and there is ONE house left on this street. No doors had been very nice to us, I really didn't want to knock any more doors, but I felt the spirit say "just do one more! It'll be okay". So I grumbled a little and Sister Fife and I went and knocked this door and it was a super nice lady! She used to be Methodist but saw some problems and stopped going to church. She said we could come back! That's a new investigator! Yahoo! I walked away chuckling and just thinking "Man, God really has a sense of humor." 

Another cool thing that happened this week is that when I was listening to General Conference I kept noticing that something that stood out to me was using technology for righteous purposes and this week my mission found out that we are turning into a technology mission! Weird! In a few months every missionary in my mission will have a smartphone that we will use as a daily planner an area information book and a lot of other things and when we are transferred the information will stay in the area and the phone will come with us! I don't totally understand it yet and I don't have a lot of details but I am very excited to use this to further missionary work! 

Also I hit my 8 month mark on my mission yesterday!

Well I'm sorry that this week's email is so short but my thought for this week is the words to my favorite Primary Song, it's been stuck in my head for days now and it's made me try a little harder to be a little better so I'm going to share it with you. "I'm trying to be like Jesus, I'm following in His ways. I'm trying to love as He did, in all that I do and say. At times I am tempted to make a wrong choice, but I try to listen as the still small voice whispers:

Love one another as Jesus loves you. Try to show kindness in all that you do. Be gentle and loving in deed and in thought, for these are the things Jesus taught." 

Are you trying to be like Jesus? I think this is something we could all do a little better. I definitely could. I love y'all! Have a great week!

~Sister Madisen Lloyd

Monday, October 16, 2017

Just two Idaho girls living in an Arkansas world

October 16, 2017

This week, was crazy. So many things!

Thursday: Thursday was transfer day and that was so bitter sweet. I hoped on the transfer bus and rode to my new area... Mountain Home. Let me tell you about my one of a kind area. :) Mountain Home has about 12,000 people and is a huge retirement community! I'm happy to be here! Excited for my adventures. I met my new companion, Sister Fife who is amazing! She is from Blackfoot, Idaho and is a total sweetheart. We get along fantastically. That night some other sisters came and spent the night so that we could do exchanges the next day!

Friday: We had exchanges! I met a lot of people... most of which I can't remember their names because I have met about a billion people in the last 5 days. So details will be vague. But I did meet one investigator named Craig, who is super awesome. He had a baptismal date and then got really sick and so we went to visit him and set a new baptismal date with him for November 11. Exciting stuff! Then Sister Montoya (the sister I was on exchanges with) and I had a lesson with some new investigators. They were so nice! They own 62 birds and are trying to make a bird breeding business which is pretty neat! We taught them the Restoration and they had TONS of good questions! It was awesome! The thing I thought was neat was that the lady we were teaching, at the end of our lesson, looked at her husband and said she thought it was so cool that we could pick up each other's sentences and pick up teaching where the other had left off and how most religions you can't do that because everyone has different answers. She talked about how inspiring that was that we bothe had the same beliefs and the same information. We got to testify to her that it was because Jesus Christ's gospel is the same across the world. Not just from person to person, even though we can receive personal answers to things. We invited them to be baptized when they came to know that what we taught was true and they accepted! It was so cool!

Saturday: The day Sister Fife and Sister Lloyd ACTUALLY got to be companions. Because of exchanges we hadn't spent super long together so we actually got to get to know each other which was cool! We spent the morning doing service which is always good and then we spent the rest of the day weekly planning. It was a little overwhelming to plan for a bunch of people who I don't know and haven't met but it was good and I'm excited to meet them all! 

Sunday: On Sunday we had church which was good! I introduced myself to so many members it's not even funny and have told everyone where I'm from so many times it makes my head spin. After church I was super sick with a cold so we spent most of the afternoon inside, until dinner with some awesome members. I don't remember their names but they were really really nice! We invited them to write their testimonies in copies of the Book of Mormon and look for opportunities to give them to people and they said they would try! Super cool! That night we went and drove out to the house of a less active that neither of us knew. We knocked on the door and she answered and didn't have any pants on! I was so surprised I about died and it was hard not to laugh (I laugh when I feel uncomfy). I expected her to say it wasn't a great time but she said "Sisters! Come in! Let me find some pants!" Then she spent the next five minutes wandering around trying to find pants and I just tried to keep from laughing. Life as a missionary is such a fun adventure! After she found some pants we had a really nice talk for the rest of the evening and we even scheduled a time to come back, hopefully this time she'll be expecting us. ;)

Well friends, this week was so good and my thought for this week is that God loves you. Sorry it's short and sweet but i's all I got for ya. I love y'all! Have a great week! 

~Sister Madisen Lloyd

Picture: Sister Fife and Sister Lloyd 

Friday, October 13, 2017

I'm going Home.... Mountain Home.

October 11, 2017

MOUNTAIN HOME, ARKANSAS! Well friends. I've worked my whole mission for this and I've finally made it to where they are going to let me serve in Arkansas! In the mission we call this "going to the motherland" and I'm so excited! A little piece of me is going to stay in Granby and probably will never leave Granby. I have made tons of friends and I love these people so much but I am excited for my new adventure in Mountain Home

This week... was a blur quite honestly. I can't remember much of what happened but I'll try. 

Monday- P Day! wash clothes, grocery shop, email, wash car and then drive to Bentonville for exchanges with some other Sisters! I spent the evening with Sister Burton who is a sweetheart! This is her first transfer so she is still in training and I loved working with her because she has that greenie fire! Once we started working together I felt my greenie fire reignite! It was so fun!

Tuesday- On Tuesday I spent the day with Sister Tillotson doing missionary work. It was a really cool day! We went to visit some less actives and had some active member lessons. It was raining and I was expecting warm weather... so I was pretty cold but one of the members let me borrow a jacket and made us hot chocolate! It was such a tender mercy! :) Next time, I'll pack a jacket even if the forecast doesn't call for rain. :) oops. That night we went to a choir concert at the high school and they sang some beautiful songs about Christ. The last one they sang was "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" and oh my goodness it was beautiful. Tuesday night we ended up deciding that I was going to be more alert for driving if we drove back that night than in the morning, so at 11:00 we hit the rode and drove the hour and a half back to Granby. Sister Crandall slept and I just listened to the radio and drove and pondered. It was actually really nice. We made it home safe and sound.

Wednesday- District meeting! We all met together and counseled about how we can improve our missionary skills. It was a good meeting. I love all the missionaries I serve around. After that we went to District lunch which was fun. Then Sister Crandall and I came home and tried to visit people. We went to see our investigator, Sean, but he was sound asleep. So we went to see another investigator who was asleep. Then it was time for dinner. After than we went to mutual and interacted with the youth which was good. And after that our day was done.

Thursday- On Thursday we had weekly planning. Always a long day inside. We had to try to plan more in depth this week so that we had to do less make up planning throughout the week. By the time we had dinner we were almost done! We did take more breaks though, because you can only plan for so long before you want to set your planner on fire. ;) Planning is not my favorite activity if you couldn't tell. After dinner we finished weekly planning and then we went to visit Sister Steele who is a member in the ward and the Powell's who are awesome! We helped Sister Powell make some water bottle treat things for her cheerleaders and then it was time to go home! 

Friday- On Friday we had service at the Newtonia Library and then had a great day of visiting less actives and investigators planned out and literally NO ONE WAS HOME. We spent half the day driving all over America and nobody even answered the door. It was the worst! So we stopped in to see a member in the area, Jesse, he's the older guy who super loves the Sister Missionaries and he needed people to talk to so he ended up telling us stories and talking to us for a while. That night the Lassiters took us to dinner in Monett and they let me pick the restaurant because they knew that I was probably leaving. So we had Mexican food! :) It was so good. I love the Lassiters. 

Saturday- On Saturday we went to visit the investigators who weren't home the day before and one of them answered the door which is better than nothing! So we talked to him for a minute and he said that he had been out on his porch a few days earlier when it was raining and he fell off his porch! He has been in a lot of pain since then and has not been doing well. We felt so bad! He said he wasn't up for much of a lesson because he was on pain medication that makes him sleepy but at least we got to see him. After that we went and visited some of the less actives we work with in a different part of our area. We talked to them about how they're doing. They have a lot of health struggles which is why they are less active but they are super nice. We had dinner that night and then we exercised and went to bed.

Sunday- On Sunday we went to church which is always good! I ran into a little girl that we've been working with. She and her family are active but we have been meeting with her and teaching her about the restoration, plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ just to make sure she understands everything before her baptism. But she came up to me and said "I'M GETTING BAPTIZED NEXT SUNDAY!" I said "Oh! I'm so excited for you!" She gave me a big hug and then looks at me and says "Will you come to my baptism?" I knew I was probably getting transferred and my heart, seriously, broke. I felt so bad. I promised her I would try but that even if I couldn't that the missionaries who were here would come. She was sad but agreed. After church we had a meeting with our new ward mission leader which took a while because we were updating him on everything that we're doing in the area. Then we had dinner and a lesson and after that we went and visited some members.

Monday- Not P Day. So sad. We had district meeting which was good and they actually surprised us and told us what was happening with transfers then! They usually tell us Monday Night but I was excited they did it sooner. After that we went to District Lunch and then we all went to Dairy Queen to celebrate the end of the transfer. It was a good meeting! After that Sister Crandall and I went home and planned the rest of our day. We went to see our less actives and we walked in and Phil was going nuts! He is hard of hearing and he thought he heard someone say that we worship more than one God. Which is incredibly untrue. So he was going off and every time we tried to say something he would cut us off and talk over us. So finally I just looked at his wife, handed her the movie we got for them and just said "here's this! We're going to leave now." and got up to walk out. Phil all of a sudden goes "Hey! Where are you going?" I said "look Phil if you think we are just lying to you and you aren't even going to let us talk then we are going to leave. We worship one God, that's what we've always believed and if you think we are just coming over here and lying to you I'm not going to come anymore." He quieted down and said "no, sit down. That's not what I think." and after that we didn't have a problem. We talked it through and he decided he probably misheard. Sometimes you have to be blunt with people.

Tuesday- On Tuesday we had service at the Newtonia Red Library. They let me pick one of their signs that they make to keep and to remember them with which was super sweet of them and then they took us out to a special lunch because I was leaving. Danny and Marsha are some of my favorite people. After that we had to make a trip to Joplin for an appointment and that took most of the rest of the day. It was Sister Crandall's birthday so we did make a pit stop into a Geology museum for her. After that we came home and had dinner with the Lemons. They made chicken strips, I made apple pie. Everyone was happy. It was nice to spend the evening with them before I leave.

Well, something that has been on my mind lately is the poem, Footprints in the Sand. I love that poem and I've been thinking about the part where he says "I carried you." I think it's interesting that the man didn't notice that Christ was carrying him during those times, he thought he was walking. I think a lot of times I do that. I think I'm walking and making my way by myself and I grumble a little bit because it feels like I'm walking alone. But when I take a step back I realize I didn't do that myself, I was carried by my Savior. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ. I know he knows each of us individually and loves each of us individually. I know that he cares for us and wants us to succeed. He wants us to find joy, even if that means carrying us through times of sadness and trials. I know that my Redeemer lives and I'm grateful for everyday that He has carried me. I know there have been many. I know that He can strengthen us and that He understands us perfectly. I love y'all and I hope you have a great week!  

~Sister Madisen Lloyd


Sorry... my camera isn't connecting to the computer this week so you will just have to wait until next week! Love y'all!


Monday, October 2, 2017

Baking Pies and Taking Names!

October 2, 2017

This week has been awesome and so full of stuff that I'm probably not even going to fit half of it into this email... but I'm sure gunna try. :) 

Monday- P day! Always fun! We got everything done that we needed to and then some! P Days are fantastic. That night we ended up having a member buy us lunch at the only diner in town which is fun because we are friends with the people who own it so it's always fun to go in and see them. 

Tuesday- On Tuesday we had service! We worked on setting up and cleaning a building in preparation for the Newtonia Fall Festival! Which is basically the best thing ever. It's like a miniature county fair, so it's a festival. haha, funny how that works. but Newtonia is just this little, cute town with very few people so it was fun. We had lunch with Danny and Marsha after words (she owns the library we usually volunteer at and she is helping put on the fall festival) and they were talking about the pie baking contest. I jokingly said "Aw shoot! If I'd thought ahead I would have gotten my mom's apple pie recipe and entered! We've been looking for ways to get involved in the community." He looked at me and said "You still can!" and I said "Naw, I'd have to have someone else get the recipe." So he whips out his phone and says "what's your mom's phone number?" I started laughing and, turns out, he wasn't kidding. So he got her apple pie recipe. After that we had a lesson with our investigator, Virgil. It was really,  really good and we talked about the Plan of Salvation and at the end of it he said "that actually makes a lot of sense." Go figure. :) After that we went to visit this older guy, Jesse, and we ended up helping him move his furniture around. I was pushing a recliner across the room and he said "You're like a bulldozer! What did you do to get that much strength???" I just smiled and said "I'm from Idaho Jesse!" He thought that was pretty funny. After that we had some scripture study with him and that was really good. After that we did some clerical work at home trying to stay organized. After that we had Dinner with the Lemons which was great as always! After dinner we decided that we had better make a practice apple pie. So we went home and exercised and then baked a pie. 

Wednesday- District Meeting! All of the missionaries close by got together and had a meeting. Since Sister Crandall and I couldn't eat a whole pie, we brought it to share and to get input on how to make our next one better. After that our district went out to lunch and then we went home. We had a lesson with a Former Investigator who, sadly, just isn't ready to accept the gospel yet. She has a lot of concerns that are holding her back and that's always disappointing. After that we took some copies of The Book of Mormon to a member who rocks at member missionary work. Then we headed home for dinner. That night we went to mutual because one of our investigators and her non member friend were coming, so we got to go to the corn maze! Always fun! 

Thursday- On Thursday we had weekly planning. Which, per usual, was a long day in the house planning out the next week. Once we finally finished that we went to go see our investigator. We were really, really bummed when we pulled up and he had a cigarette in his hand, but that's okay. Repentance is real and the Lord can help us become better. :) That night we had dinner with the Talbott family and Sister Talbott bought pizza for her family and chicken wings for her and I and they were so good. Paigey was really sad she didn't get to eat wings though, so I shared. What are friends for, right?

Friday- On Friday we had service again and we helped with last minute details for the Fall Festival. After that we had lunch and Danny asked me if I was making a pie. I told him I sure was! after that we called some potential investigators, visited some investigators and then headed home for dinner. After dinner we headed home and exercised. Guess who ran an 8 1/2 minute mile? Yes I am aware that that isn't super fast, but it's a 1 1/2 minutes faster than I was running it 6 weeks ago so, progress! After that we went home and I made 2 pie crusts so that I was ready in the morning.

Saturday- The day of the Fall Festival. I woke up and started making apple pie filling and baked my pies. It's a very good thing that I made two because I made every mistake possible on the first one and made the second one the way it was supposed to be made. Baked it, finished getting ready and then headed to the Fall Festival. I dropped it off and it looked really bad. I honestly wanted to cry. It was an open faced pie and the apples did not look as pretty as they did when my mom used to make it. I was so bummed. But I dropped it off and we started walking around and talking to people. We left and went to General Conference and that was AMAZING. I don't know how but they always say exactly what I need to hear. In between sessions we went back to the festival to hear the youth in our ward play in the band and when we got there Danny came up to me and said "Hey! You won!" I was very confused until he reminded me, I entered a pie in the contest. I went and found Marsha and it turns out that the Lord blessed me for trying to get involved in the community and not only was my pie not the worst pie ever but it won second place! :) I also got the "most nostalgic" award. I was tickled half to death! We headed back to the church to watch the second session of conference and then had dinner with some members. They made us salmon, shrimp and king crab legs. It was really good!

Sunday- Sunday was General Conference part 2 and it was so good! I seriously am so excited for the conference ensign to come out so that I can re read them. The biggest thing that stuck out to me this conference was the idea of "centering our lives on Jesus Christ." I thought it was kind of odd that this stuck out to me because, I wake up every day and do my best to center my life on Jesus Christ because I'm a missionary. But as I've pondered this I started thinking about how much more centered I could be, In my thoughts and my words. I also started wondering how much more happy and successful I would be if I did give that extra effort to TOTALLY center my life on Christ. I also pondered about what if I submitted to his will CHEERFULLY. I have a bad habit of whining when the Lord asks me to do something I don't want to do and I realized it would probably be a more pleasant experience if I would accept that I need to do it and do it happily. I'm so grateful for prophets and apostles who are guided to tell us things that will bring us a happier life. 

I hope life is great for all y'all and that you enjoyed conference as well. I know that Thomas S Monson is a prophet and that he has been called of God to lead the church. I know that the gospel is true. I know that reading The Book of Mormon brings blessings. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and that He perfectly knows us. He is with us through every hardship and every single time we fall. I'm grateful for such a devoted, older brother. I love y'all! Have a great week!

~Sister Madisen Lloyd

Picture 1: My standing by some pretty flowers ( I can't remember if I already sent this one, if I did, sorry bout it) Picture 2: My and my pie awards (  I learned from the best!) Picture 3: Our investigator with his cat on his head 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Happy fall y'all!

September 25, 2017

Hey! This week was good! I just feel like I always have so much happen during the week and then I get to P Day and can't remember a lick of it. I usually bring my planner to email and this week I forgot it so I'll just share a couple three things that happened this week. 

One cool thing that happened was that this week we got to do service for an older guy. He's really nice and loves the sister missionaries, I've talked about him before. He's older and a little bit crazy but that's okay. So we went over and he had us paint one of his walls green. It was kind of fun! He sat there and talked to us and told us stories and we just painted. It was almost therapeutic! When we were done he gave us some of the juice that he buys from some store and makes himself. Which was super nice of him!

Another cool thing that happened this week is that we got to watch Women's Conference and it was so dang good! I felt like I couldn't write fast enough. Something cool that was said was Elder Uchtdorf talked about how there are always going to be reasons to be sad, there will always be reasons to be mad and there will always be reasons to be glad. What we decide to be is up to us and it just depends on what you decide to focus on.  That was super awesome because being more positive is a goal that I have set for myself recently! I've been trying to see the good more often than I see the bad. So it was cool that that was what he chose to talk about.

This week another cool thing that happened was that we got to have a really cool lesson with our investigator, Amanda, about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was cool because we used the Book of Mormon to teach it and she had some really awesome insight and thoughts about each of the steps, especially Endure to the End. It was really cool to hear her bare her testimony of the things we taught and then to hear her talk about how excited she is for her baptism in December! A missionary's dream! :) 

One last cool thing that happened this week is that I received a huge tender mercy. On a mission it is not uncommon for you to see the fruits of your labors, it's also not uncommon to not see the fruits of your labors. It kind of just depends on the day. I've felt a little nervous because I've been in a swing where I haven't really seen a lot of fruits of my labors and I was kind of bummed about that. Ya know? It's nice to see things happen because you're working hard. I feel like I'm working hard but not a lot of things have been happening because of it. Well, yesterday I was talking to a young woman in the ward and she gave me a hug and told me that she loved and appreciated me and that she was grateful I came into the ward. That I made her excite't d for when she can serve a mission. This was such a tender mercy because even though I was feeling like I wasn't having a huge impact on people, she showed me I was. I was so grateful for her kindness and for the spirit telling her to say those things. :) 

This week I have been thinking about lots of things. One of them specifically is Jesus. Go figure. ;) I've been thinking about how grateful I am for Him. For the knowledge that He is my Savior and Redeemer. For the testimony I have that He walks with me everyday. That He knows me personally and has felt what I feel and is there to succor me. He loves us so much! How blessed are we to know that we have someone who knows us better than we know ourselves cheering us on! I know Christ lived, died and lived again. I know he knows you and loves you. I know he helps us in our day to day lives. I hope you all know that. I love y'all! Have a great week!

~Sister Madisen Lloyd



Picture 1: Sister Naegle and I Picture 2: Sister Sanders and I Picture 3: Sister Crandall and I

All the General Authorities like the ABM

September 18, 2017

What a week! I'm exhausted! :) Those are the best kind of weeks

Monday- P-day, I bet by now you can probably tell me what I do on P Days so I won't run through it all BUT needless to say it was good and much needed. 
Tuesday- On Tuesday we did service at the Newtonia Library! Which is fun as always. After that we were able to go see our investigator Amanda, which was so cool. Amanda has met with missionaries for a really long time off and on and just has never really made any solid commitments on things. Well, lately she has been going through a really rough time and we haven't been able to see her as often because she started a new job with a weird scedule. But we were able to go see her and when we got there she immediately started telling us about how she has been reading in the Book of Mormon everyday and how it has brought her peace and happinness and really spoken to her. It was so cool! I was basically on Cloud 9. and then she "and something else" and pointed at me and said "something you said, the first time you came over, has been in my hear" I was so scared, and she started crying and said "you talked about how your baptism has brought you happiness every day since you were eight. I want that." I teared up and invited her to be baptized and she accepted. She has to get her work schedule figured out and a few other things so we set her baptismal date for December 23rd. The sad part is that I probably won't be here for it, missionaries rarely stay in an area for that long. But I am so happy that she has decided to be baptized! She is so cool! I love her dearly. After that we went and tried to contact some potential investigators and they were either not home or not interested. So we went tracting and again no one was really interested. Then we had dinner with the Lemons, I LOVE the Lemons! It was a great day.

Wednesday- On Wednesday we started the morning with a lesson with a new investigator! It went pretty well, we went over and got to know him and started talking to him which was good. He has some concerns about baptism and priesthood but overall it was a really good lesson. For the rest of the afternoon we went and tried to visit people and literally, NO ONE WAS HOME. That's the worst. So we went to visit the Talbotts who are always awesome. That night a member brought us dinner to our house and we ate it and then went to Mutual. We went with the young women because they were learning how to check their oil and fix a flat tire and those are both good things to know how to do. PLUS I've been trying really hard to get the youth in the ward more involved and strengthen the relationship between the youth and the missionaries. That night we went to see some less actives and had a really good visit with them! :) It was a good day. 

Thursday- On Thursday we did weekly planning. Always boring but always productive. Then we did a lot of organizational stuff on a binder that has information on the ward, that our mission president wants us to have up to date... that we haven't been very consistent about working on. BUT we got it up to date and all is well! That night we had dinner with some members who are really, really good at making Gluten Free food, they made crepes and let me tell you, they were dang good. Then they made Gluten Free Earthquake Cake and I just about died I was so happy. :) That night we did online training and did some exercise

Friday- On Friday we delivered a Bible and Book of Mormon to one of our investigators, did some more work on the ward information binder and then had lunch. After lunch we went to do service for an older lady named Leanor. She is so sweet and she asked us to help her clean her kitchen... which ended up taking most of the afternoon and we still aren't finished but it looks better than when we started and that's what counts. That night we had dinner with the Lassiters and then we came home and exercised. 

Saturday- On Saturday we had interviews with our mission president and his wife, which were amazing as usual. I'm so grateful for a mission president who takes the time to talk to each of us every six weeks and make sure we are doing okay. That afternoon we went and visited some former investigators and found one that said that we could come back and start meeting with him again! Which is awesome! :) That evening the Lassiters came and picked us up and took us to dinner and then took us to Stake Conference. Elder Kim B Clark came and spoke to everybody which was really really cool. He is super nice and I even got to shake his hand! :) After Stake Conference the Lassiters took us to get ice cream which was super nice of them and then took us home! It was a good day. 

Sunday- On Sunday a sister in the ward came and picked us up and drove us to Stake Conference with her. We got to hear from Elder Clark again as well as our Mission President and his wife which was good. That afternoon we went to go visit a family of investigators that we found the Sunday before who said we could come back and, go figure, they weren't home. That's okay! Missionaries aren't afraid to try again! and again! and again! and again! So we spent the rest of the afternoon contacting less actives in that area and then we had dinner at some members and had a lesson with their daughter who should be getting baptized soon! It was awesome! 

Monday- PLOT TWIST it wasn't P Day. We had Elder Cornish come and speak to our mission on Monday and so P Day was moved to Tuesday. That's why I'm a day late. But he talked about working with ward members. If you are not trying to help the missionaries in your area PLEASE START TRYING TO HELP THEM! He told us a statistic that if members and missionaries work together, one out of every three people they work with will get baptized. Whereas right now one out of every 28 gets baptized. Just ask the missionaries what you can do to help. :) It works. Anyway, another fun part about this is that I got to see all my missionary friends! Always a good time. 

Well this week I have been thinking a lot about lots of things. So I don't have any super cool thoughts. But something that I have noticed several times over the last several weeks is the importance of knowing that you are receiving support that you can't see. My grandpa died when I was a Sophomore and it was a really sad time. It was hard to lose my grandpa. But lately I kept being reassured and reading that we had angels helping us! Going before us and preparing the way. Protecting us. All sorts of cool things. I hadn't really ever thought about it much but I started to notice times when I was protected, never from anything that would have killed me (that I noticed) but just from little things. I started noticing when hard things were easier to handle than they probably normally would have been. I started noticing when things lined up how I needed them to without me doing a lot of work to get them that way. I have been astounded at how much help I didn't notice I was getting. I promise you that angels are helping you. They are supporting you and they love you! They help you because God loves you! I love you! I hope y'all have a great week! 

~Sister Madisen Lloyd

Monday, September 11, 2017

Baptism week!

September 11, 2017

Hey y'all! This week was one for the books. :) 

Monday- on Monday (I bet you can guess) we had P Day! we washed our clothes and cleaned and emailed and shopped. Yay! after that we spent the evening visiting less actives but no one was really home. Bummer. 

Tuesday- On Tuesday we went and did service at the Newtonia Red Library! After that we went to see our nursing home friends, Mary and Donald. They were so fun to visit with and so are all of the other lonely people in the nursing home. after that we tried visit some less actives who are always an adventure to talk to but they weren't home... so sad. Tuesday night we had dinner with the Lemons :) I love the Lemons. They made fried chicken and it was oh so good. That night we went to visit Page Talbot and see how she was doing before her baptism and she was doing well! We came home at 8:30 and did some exercises! It was a good day.

Wednesday- On Wednesday we did weekly plannins (plot twist! it wasn't on Thursday) and it was good. That took the whole morning and then we got a text from our Mission President's assistants asking us all to clean our cars in anticipation of our meeting with him the next day. So we spent the afternoon making sure our car was in tip top shape. That night we had dinner and then visited a less active and then came home and exercised. 

Thursday- On Thursday we woke up bright and early and got ready and drove for an hour and a half to... SPRINGFIELD for our meeting. I love Springfield and it was so fun to drive through the town I spent the first 5 1/2 months of my mission in. We had zone conference at the stake center and I got to see so many people! My trainer, Sister Sanders and my good ole MTC friend Sister Naegle! It was so fun. Another cool thing was that a member of the seventy came, Elder Villareal. He instructed us and gave a lot of really cool thoughts  After the meeting they had some people come in and give us all flu shots if we wanted. I knew my mom would want me to get one so I braved the needles and got a flu shot. Sister Naegle held my hand. It was all good. After that we drove home and had dinner with some members who have celiacs disease so they are the masters of gluten free cooking and they made homemade biscuits. They were so dang good. That night we went and  met a less active who we didn't know and had a really good conversation with him and got to know him. It was awesome. 

Friday- Remember that time I got a flu shot so I wouldn't get the flu? Guess who woke up with the flu. Gosh dang it. So we had a sick day. Didn't get a whole lot done. The High Priests had a karaoke activity where they invited tons of less actives and some non members so I threw my hair up in a bun and we went to that. It was really fun! They bought me my own gluten free pizza (I'm so blessed) and had soda and karaoke. I sat down at a table and talked with some members and Sister Crandall sang karaoke and did a puzzle. All was good. 

Saturday- Saturday was a special day! Paige got baptized :) I was so happy I could have died right there. Paige has some health struggles so we spent the whole morning taking bleach wipes to the font to make sure it was clean and bacteria free. It was a great service opportunity. Then we had her baptism. She was so sweet and the spirit was so strong. We sang I'm trying to be like Jesus and I got all teary eyed because I thought of how Jesus Christ was baptized, how I was baptized and now how Paige who I love dearly was baptized. So much happiness comes from "trying to be like Jesus" and "Following in his ways". After the baptism we had dinner with Paige's family and then that night we went to see our investigator Shawn. He is doing really really well and we are excited he is making so much progress. Saturday night we came home and went over to the high school's track across the street and exercised. It was such a good day.

Sunday- On Sunday we went to church and then went home teaching with one of the men in our ward. It was pretty cool. After that we came home and did some studies and then went to see some potential investigators. They didn't let us in BUT they said that we could come back this coming Sunday so that's pretty great! After that we had dinner and then we took some copies of the Book of Mormon to a member who wants them so she can hand them out (it's great! you should all try handing out copies of the Book of Mormon! :) ) and then we came home and went to sleep. 

This week I have been thinking a lot about singing. I saw my mission president and his wife at zone conference and I got to talk to Sister Loveland for just a minute and she asked me how much I was singing. I said "not much" and asked what made her ask me that. She said the spirit told her and that I needed to sing. I thought that was kind of an odd thing but I started singing and holy cow does that make a difference for me. I found the scripture Doctrine and Covenants 136: 28 " if thou are merry, praise the Lord with singing, with music, with dancing and with a prayer of praise and thanksgiving." I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to sing praises and to worship, If you are happy, take the time this week to sing a little bit. It made a difference for me. I love y'all! have a great week!

~Sister Madisen Lloyd


Picture 1 Sister Lloyd and Paige pre baptism :) 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Round 2 In Granby MO

September 4, 2017

Well I've said this before but I'll say it again. I never know what to tell everyone on these short weeks. I feel like I just gave my life update a couple days ago... because I did. But I'll see what I can come up with. Here goes it.

Thursday- On Thursday I took Sister Snyder to transfer point in Joplin and dropped her off, picked up my new companion Sister Crandall and drove the two of us back to Granby. We spent the afternoon weekly planning and I told her about the area. Updated her on everything she needed to know to be successful, okay maybe not. I don't even know everything I need to know to be successful but I sure try. That night we had dinner at the Moffit's house. They are awesome and they fed us Chinese food which is my favorite, but it is not Brother Moffit's favorite. After that we did online training and I worked on some family history! 

Friday- On Friday we started our morning by going through the ward list. I told her how everyone is related and anything else that she needed to know about the members. After that we went and started trying to visit people. and we got to see a lot of members that Sister Crandall needed to meet. We went to visit some of the less actives we work with. One of which was this really funny old man who loves the sister missionaries and he gives us all nicknames. My nickname is "Red horse" because I guess that is an orange fish and he thinks that I have orange hair which thus makes me look like a red horse. I looked up pictures of these fish and... they aren't very pretty so I'm a little offended. BUT that's okay because the nickname came from a loving place so I can't be mad. The rest of the night we drove around and met members and less actives and then we came home for the night. 

Saturday- On Saturday we started the day by helping with the highway clean up our ward was doing. We put on some ugly orange vests and each walked down a different side of the highway cleaning up garbage. You would be amazed what people throw out their car windows. *shudder* On a happier note, I was reading Elder Uchtdorf talk where he mentions forget me not flowers earlier this week and as I was walking down the highway I saw some growing in the ditch bank I was walking on and it was such a cute tender mercy that let me know God was thinking about me! (I'm not a flower expert, I don't know if they were actually forget me knots or not but I decided that they were. Don't bust my bubble.) The rest of the day was good. We went to the elderly home in Granby and visited a member who was in there and when we got there this elderly lady wheeled up to me and asked "Are you looking for me?" I thought maybe she was confused or maybe just really lonely and so I asked her where she was headed and wheeled her there and then went back to the guy we were visiting. We finished our visit and  went on our way. It was good! We finished the day with a lesson with our investigators, Jess, Steve and Chloe and it was awesome. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and they were really open to it. It was cool!  

Sunday- On Sunday we went to church and we were talking to the relief society president and she mentioned she needed to go see a new name that just came onto our records. An older lady who lives at the elderly person home in Granby. Remember the confused lady who thought we were looking for her? Yeah, she's a member. *face palm* I'm the worst. So after church we went back to Granby House and met her and talked to her. She's super nice. That night we had a really good dinner with some members in the ward and then we went to scone night! We had invited some investigators to scone night but they didn't end up coming. I was super bummed but that's okay. There's always another scone night. :)  

This week my spiritual thought is not mine. My grandma Maughan sent it to me and it was such a tender mercy for me I thought it might be for someone else too. 

"Isaiah 41:13 For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, fear not, I will help thee.

President Uchtdorf said Christ's perfect love allows us to walk with humility, dignity and a bold confidence as followers of our beloved Savior. Christ's perfect love gives us the confidence to press through our fears and place our complete trust in the power and goodness of our Heavenly Father and of His Son Jesus Christ."

I'm so grateful to know that the Lord is willing to hold my hand and help me through anything that I am asked to go through. Sometimes I forget that and I usually end up falling on my face as I let go and try to run ahead of Him. But when I do choose to hold His hand and let Him help me I am always more successful. I'm so grateful for the song I am a Child of God. "I am a Child of God and He has sent me here. Has given me an earthly home, with parents kind and dear. Lead me, guide me, walk beside me. Help me find the way. Teach me all that I must do, to live with Him some day." I'm so grateful to know that as I walk through this life, I never walk alone. God is so good.

I love you all! Have a great week! 

~Sister Madisen Lloyd


Picture 1- We had a really bad rainstorm that flooded and we were trying to get to a members house. So I hopped out to make sure the water wasn't too deep for the truck. 

Picture 2- Sister Snyder's feet hurt on Sunday so we hitched a ride home in the back of a truck 


Monday, August 21, 2017

Aggressive Driving and Bible Bashing and ticks... oh my

August 21, 2017

Well what a week this has been! There's been a lot of ups and a lot of downs but at the end of it all I love everyday.

Monday- Can you guess what Monday was? P-DAY! We did all of the needful things. We washed our clothes, bought groceries and emailed. What a good day! At the end of the night we had dinner with the Lemons! What a stellar day.

Tuesday- On Tuesday we had a pretty good day We didn't have the car which is always an adventure so we found ways to be productive anyway. We called people, set up appointments did companionship study! All the time we were doing this my leg was itching right behind my knee, super weird. All of a sudden as I'm itching I feel a bump. What on earth could that be? I look to see what it is and it's a freaking SEED TICK. Fun fact, I've never had a tick before. So I start panicking and my dear companion was kind enough to pull it out of my leg. But, of course, the head didn't come out so she had to take tweezers and dig it out of my leg. All the while I'm crying and she's assuring me I'm going to be fine. I have a very kind companion. By the time this ordeal was over it was time for dinner. Our members are so kind to come pick us up for dinner when we don't have a car. The members we had dinner with are a gluten free family and they are really good at cooking gluten free things so I always am excited to eat there. When we got to their house there was a big bag of gluten free baking flour on the table and Sister Byrd (the member who was feeding us) said "We have this bag of flour for you so that you can make cookies or pancakes or muffins or whatever you want." I just about died I was so happy. I thanked them profusely. After dinner we went and tried to visit some people but no one is home when the missionaries come to visit.

Wednesday- On Wednesday we had District Meeting, which meant we got our car back! Oh happy day! After District meeting we headed down to Neosho because Sister Snyder has been having some back problems and so we went to the chiropractor. I just read my Jesus the Christ and we had a great old time. After that we headed home and went to the Lemons for dinner. After the chiropractor Sister Snyder was hurting pretty bad so the Lemons helped her by having her use an ice pack. The Lemons are basically our Granby parents and so they take good care of us. It was a really good day.

Thursday- On Thursday we had to drive to Joplin to get our Tiwi installed in our car. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to find out what a Tiwi is, let me tell you about it. Tiwi is a little box that is stuck to our front windshield of our car and it monitors or driving. It tells us to "check your speed" when we go to fast or when we are hitting bumps to quickly or our RPM's get too high it informs us we are using "aggressive driving." I have never had a problem with Tiwi (however, I do get a few more "check your speed"s than I probably should)  it's just something to help me drive well but a lot of missionaries HATE Tiwi. The guy who installed our Tiwi was really nice and we gave him a pass along card before we left. Hopefully he will watch the video and decide to meet with missionaries! While in Joplin on our way to get our Tiwi installed we did get to drive on Historic Route 66 so that was really fun! :) After Tiwi we headed back to Granby and to dinner at a members house. We got to dinner and we find out there are two non members there! Score! So we ate dinner (salmon, crab legs and shrimp with fresh fruit and corn, so yummy!) and it was great. After that we went to go visit this old man who is a member of our ward and he was sleeping so we left him a note and then we went home to do our weekly planning. While we were planning we texted our investigator to ask when we could come see her and she told us she was having a really hard time and had lost her job so we hopped in the car to go see her and try to uplift and encourage. We had a really good talk with her and we got to meet her daughter who is so sweet. We ended up inviting her daughter to meet with us as well and she said yes! So we got a new investigator! :)

Friday- On Friday we did service at the Newtonia Library and that was good as always. After that we headed to see the old man we tried the day before and we got to see him. We sat down to talk with him and his caretaker was there. We had scheduled to do service the week before but no one could take us and it was too far to bike so we had to cancel and his caretaker just went ham on us. She told us that when we "decided not to show up" that he did it himself and wore himself out and it could have been really bad for him. We tried to explain we gave him few days notice and she wouldn't have it. So we let it go and kept trying to talk to him. We started talking about the spirit world and his caretaker pipes up again and just starts trying to Bible bash us, and asks us where we found this in the Bible and when we tried to show her she wouldn't let us talk. We tried to wrap up the visit because it was a bad, contentious situation and we were both angry when she starts in about how the members of our ward are not fulfilling their duty because they are not coming and taking care of this man's lawn. She basically tore us apart. So we sat quietly and took it and then when she was done assured her we would tell our ward of her concerns and that it was time for us to leave. We were so mad. One of the hardest things about being a missionary for me is that when stuff like that happens I am still a representative of Jesus Christ so while I normally would have put on my boxing gloves and gone a couple rounds with her, I can't. I am learning how to turn the other cheek and forgive and love my enemies. It's not an easy lesson for me to learn. After that we went and had a lesson with our investigator, Sean. It was a really good lesson and we ended up setting a baptismal date for the 22 of September! We are really excited about that! :)

Saturday- On Saturday we had a good day! We started the day by having breakfast at the Lemons, they are so kind to feed us so often. As we were leaving I was trying to start driving on wet grass and we were in a little bit of a rut so I had to give it some gas to get us out of the rut and freaking Tiwi decided I was angry and gave me an "aggressive driving" *eye roll* The car wasn't even going about 5 mph, so annoying. Then we went and did service picking up some dead baby turkeys and then we headed home and got ready for the rest of our day. In the afternoon we went to a carnival called "howdy neighbor days" and we set up a table with some elders and tried to talk to people! It was really cool because we were back a ways and not a lot of people were coming and talking to us but this one guy came strolling back and was just looking at our picture of Jesus we had on our sign and he starts talking to us about how he's looking for a  Christian church and how he wants a reverent place to worship. I told him "you should really give our church a try and he said he would! I didn't have the address for the building in Monette so I got his number instead. It's always cool when prepared people find the missionaries as they are led by the spirit. That night we had a lesson with our investigators Jess and Steve and it was one of the best lessons I've had on my mission. They asked us if instead of teaching them or reading with them if we could tell them why we choose to believe what we believe and basically why we are doing what we are doing. As we talked and shared with them they shared really personal things with us. I can't share a lot of details but I can say that I am so grateful for strong people who have a desire to come closer to God. It seriously makes all the difference. 

Sunday- On Sunday we woke up and went to ward council which was good as always and then church started! I love church. I love being able to sit and feel the spirit and learn from other people's testimony and experiences. We have been trying to figure out how to work with the ward during the times we don't have a car and so we tried sending around a different kind of calendar when people could pick when they give us rides to the things we need to get to instead of us just sending texts and asking and I think this is going to work better which is a huge blessing. After church we met with our ward mission leader and we were able to talk about the work and how we can get the ward more involved. I'm super grateful for a ward mission leader who is so willing to help. After church we had lunch with some members and it was good! After that we went home and studied because we didn't have time to before church and studies are important. After that we went to dinner with the Lemons (different Lemons from the same family, the son of the other Lemons). Earlier this week Brother Lemon, Darrell, and I were talking and he said something that has been on my mind this week. He said "If you want to quit and go home when the days are good then that's fine, quit and go home. But don't quit when the days are bad." That really struck a chord with me. There are always going to be hard days, on a mission, as a parent, just in life. There are always going to be bad days. But you can't quit when the days are bad. If you're going to quit something quit when the days are good. If you're having a good day and what your doing still doesn't bring you joy then okay, find something else to do. God intended for his children to feel joy, not muddle through. But when the days are through quitting can't be an option. Opposition comes in all good things, but the good outweighs the bad. I thought that was a really cool thought and have decided that this is my new life mantra (i learned that word on my mission, I think I just used it correctly but I'm not positive). 

Well, I hope that y'all know how much I love you and I hope that y'all will push through the bad days so that you can enjoy the good. Don't give up because the days are hard. If you're going to quit quit when the days are good and life is going well. Jesus Christ didn't have an easy time, so we shouldn't expect to. I love y'all and I hope that the days are good. Have a great week! :) 

2 Timothy 2:3
"Thou therefore endure hardness; as a good soldier of Jesus Christ." 
Keep on enduring my fellow soldiers, God loves you and I do too. 


~Sister Madisen Lloyd

Monday, August 14, 2017

Team Jesus

August 14, 2017

Hello my lovely friends! I hope all is well! Life here in Granby is so good! I feel like these weeks just fly. Every Monday I'm amazed it's Monday again. 

Monday- On Monday we had P- Day. We washed our clothes, cleaned our house, grocery shopped and emailed. All of the usual fun things that you do on Monday. That night we had dinner with some members who drove us to Neosho for dinner (there's only one resteraunt in our area so we have permission to drive the 20 minutes to Neosho for dinner with members). They took us to get tacos and they were so good! After that they bought us ice cream and drove us home. As they were dropping us off the member we were with (who happens to be in the bishopric) asked us to speak on Sunday in church. Dang it. We accepted and went inside, did comp study and went to bed. 

Tuesday- We started out the day by doing a lot of work in our area book again. Re calling the people who didn't answer last time and trying to find new people that we didn't call or that we need to go visit in person. It's a lot of paperwork to read through and look at but it makes finding people a lot easier. That evening we went with some members, the Powell's, and helped Brother Powell to do his home teaching. Then they took us to dinner. While we were at dinner the lady we were going to meet with after dinner texted and cancelled, which we were bummed about, but it gave us an opportunity to go and knock on a door or two. 

Wednesday- On Wednesday we had District Meeting. Which was awesome! We talked about working with our ward councils and also some ideas on questions we can ask when we are talking to people that will make them think. It's really cool when we get to practice with other missionaries because they always have way better ideas than I do which helps me improve! After that we all went out to lunch because one of the Elders was going home! He finished his mission! A really nice member paid for the lunch of all ten missionaries which was SO kind. After that we went home and did some tracting. We had dinner with some members that night, the Lemons, and that was fun as always. They are really kind to the missionaries and we love them dearly. After dinner we tried to visit one of our investigators but she wasn't  home so we headed home, did some companionship study and went to bed. 

Thursday- On Thursday we had weekly planning. We got to plan our week and do some online training. We printed out the talks we had to study for our talks and we planned the rest of our week. Weekly planning is so bitter sweet because it is so boring to me but it makes the rest of our week go so much better. We also got a chance to work on our talks which was good. That night we had dinner with the Keeling's who are members in our ward. They are so good to us and we had a really good dinner with them. We talked about counseling with the Lord and the importance of that. They took us home and we finished weekly planning.

Friday- On Friday we did a LOT of service. We started by doing service at the Newtonia Library and then we did service at Leanor's house and THEN we did service for some people who own a quilting shop. It was a lot of service but it was good! After we finished all of our service we were able to go home and work on our talks a little bit more before dinner. We had dinner with The Rollins family and it was a little tender mercy from heaven because she made a sweet pork barbecue, Café Rio copycat recipe and I have missed Café Rio like you wouldn't believe! That night the lesson that we were going to have cancelled which was really sad but we got to use that time to try to see an investigator, she wasn't home, and then we stopped in and talked to some members who live in the area! It was a really good day. 

Saturday- On Saturday we got to finish our talks for Sunday as well as plan our Gospel Principle's lesson. It was good. After that we hopped on our little bikes and went tracting. While we were riding up our road these little Chihuahuas came running from out of this house and this one chased Sister Snyder for a solid three minutes. I was laughing really hard and she was screaming and pedaling as fast as she could. She had ended up behind me. She was okay, the dog didn't get her. Just scared her. We finally got to a house we felt like we should knock on and we got off our bikes and walked up the drive way and the guy who lived there came out to meet us. We talked with him for a really long time. Probably an hour and he was interesting. He had some interesting views on the Sabbath and Sabbath day observance. He also had some interesting ideas about a prophet. He told us that he should wear a robe and should not walk up stairs... it was an interesting concern but I don't think it's one he can't get past. We left him with a Restoration pamphlets and set up a time for us to come back next week. After that we biked home and got ready for our dinner with some members of the ward. They were awesome and made us grilled chicken which was really good. That night we typed and printed our talks and went to bed. 

Sunday- I love Sundays on a mission. We went to church and were super busy all three hours. We spoke in Sacrament meeting and that was good and then we taught Gospel Principles during second hour and then Sister Carter, a member of our ward, needed someone who could lead the music in primary. Lucky for her Sister Lloyd had quite a few awesome Young Woman's leaders and one of them taught me how to lead music.  So I got to go to primary and lead the music. It was so fun! We played a game and we danced! I miss primary! After church we had lunch with some members and they were awesome and then we were able to do a little bit of studying (because we don't have time before church) and then we had dinner with some members. After dinner we went to scone night. Scone night happens once a month and it's where different members have people from the ward over. They invite less actives and non members and some active members and the missionaries. It's a cool opportunity to be able to interact with them in that environment. After that we came home and went to bed.


Lately I have been thinking a lot about something that people keep saying to or around me "You can't run faster than you have strength" this is something I didn't pay a lot of attention to the first couple times I heard it but I have heard it so consistently lately I started to notice that it just stuck out to me. I love this concept. I think that a lot of times we try so hard to do everything that we feel we are expected to do and we just. can't. We can't do everything that everybody expects us to do all the time. We have to have priorities. This is something that a mission has taught me. Priorities are important and even though you may not be doing everything you want to do, or everything everyone else wants you to do, if you are doing what the Lord NEEDS you to do then you are doing enough. We don't need to burden ourselves with unrealistic expectations, we just need to know the strength we have and do the best we can with it and trust that if it's not enough, God will strengthen us. I know that Christ loves us and I know that through His Atonement we are able to be more and accomplish more than we could on our own and I am so grateful for the strength I receive from the Atonement of Jesus Christ each day. I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 

~Sister Madisen Lloyd

Pictures: Picture 1: Sister Snyder and I waiting for our ride after district meeting Picture 2: Sister Snyder and I splurged and bought $5 Walmart shirts because we are both on team Jesus, we're pretty cool. Picture 3: Us on our bikes!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I've never claimed to be clever.

August 7, 2017

Well, I've never claimed to be clever and I won't start now! This week was a good one and an adventure for sure. I had so many cool experiences this week. 

Monday- On Monday all the missionaries in our Zone went fishing! It was way fun! We went at a place called Roaring River and it's basically a stock pond and a stream. It was good and I caught a trout, all by myself! ;) Dad you taught me well. Monday night we had a really good dinner with some members. They were really nice and made some gluten free cashew chicken and then for dessert they had a "special surprise" when they served it to us it was chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup and part of a Hershey's chocolate bar in it. When they gave it to us they said "someone told us that the new sister really likes chocolate." I was so happy and I couldn't stop laughing. 

Tuesday- On Tuesday we had service in the morning and then we went and looked up some former investigators. We visited some members, The Endicotts, in the afternoon and then we invited their  less active son to come to church on Sunday. After that we had dinner with some members who are gluten free and so we talked a lot about gluten and the adventure that is a gluten free lifestyle during dinner. That night we went to see another less active member named Greg. Greg was super funny to talk to because he is super into painting action figures and then playing this war game with them and his friends. I didn't even know that was a thing. He showed us some of his action figures though and he does a great job. When he found out I did archery he said I should join a larping club and I told him I would definitely think about it. Maybe I could be the new queen of larping! 

Wednesday- On Wednesday we had a good day. I went through and called all the former investigators we had phone numbers for in our area book and asked them if they would ever want to meet with us. Some were nicer than others and we even found two that said they would meet with us again which was very exciting! Hopefully those end up working out. That night some members gave us money to go get dinner so we got to go out to eat which was fun. Sister Snyder got these banana pancakes with white chocolate and caramel and I got steak so we were both really happy. :) That night we helped one of the members in our ward do his home teaching, we visited Sister Hendon and she was very kind. She told us that she is working with a lot of non members and that she needs FIVE copies of the Book of Mormon to hand out! We were so excited we could hardly stand it! :) 

Thursday- Thursday was fun. We had interviews with out mission president on Thursday and we were supposed to be there at ten. Sister Snyder woke up and did our morning routine and around nine Sister Snyder checked the phone and we had two missed calls from our mission president. Which is not good. We called him back and he informed us that the schedule had changed and we were supposed to be there at eight and it's a thirty minute drive to get there. We panicked and ran to the car and drove there as fast as the speed limit would allow us to. Turns out no one bothered to tell us that the time had changed and so we were an hour and a half late to interviews. Oops. It was really cool though because I was able to talk to my mission president and his wife one on one which is a rare experience, it only happens once a transfer. And I always feel of their love and concern for me as their missionary. They are amazing people. One thing I thought was really cool was that my mission president asked me if I see The Lord's hand directing me as I go about doing his work and I said yes. He asked me if I record those experiences in my journal and I said that was something I was working on being better at. He strongly encouraged me to record those and promised me that I would be able to see more miracles. As I have tried to act on that promise I have seen it be true. I have definitely seen more examples of the Lord directing me as I have tried to record them. After interviews we went back to Granby and had a good dinner with some members and then we got to have a lesson with some of our investigators. It was a really good lesson and we were able to read with them. We invited them (again) to read daily and as we promised blessings the spirit was so strong. I KNOW that reading the Book of Mormon daily brings blessings.

Friday- On Friday we had service at the Newtonia library and then we had service for Leanor. Both were really good! I enjoy both of those services a lot. After that we headed to visit one of our investigators and then a less active member of our ward. He is older and pretty sick which is sad but he loves the missionaries. After that we went home to do weekly planning and part way through Sister Snyder and I both got really sick. We had food poisoning! We still aren't sure what from but it was not fun and we were pretty much down for the count for the rest of the day. 

Saturday- On Saturday we had a really cool opportunity to drive down to Bentonville and then drive with our mission president to Tulsa, Oklahoma. While I was in Bentonville I  got to see my beautiful friend Makenna who lives there and that was such a tender mercy! After that we headed to Tulsa and we got to go to a special confrence. It was with the General Relief Society President, Young Woman's president and Primary President. It was such a cool opportunity to listen to them speak. They are amazing representatives of Jesus Christ. We listened to them speak specifically to the missionaries and then to the YSA in the area and then we headed home. By the time we got back to Bentonville it was midnight and Sister Snyder and I still had about an hour to an hour and a half drive home. Sister Loveland came up to us and asked where we were staying and we said we were driving home. She said that we were going to stay the night with her and President Loveland and so we got to spend the night in the mission home which was fun!

Sunday- We have 7:30 ward council and still had to drive home from Bentonville so we woke up at 5:30 and showered and got in the car and headed back to Granby. We showed up to church pretty tired and muscled through. After church we had lunch with some members in the ward and then we had to give our truck to the elders. Some sisters in the mission wrecked a car that was going to go to some elders close by us. Now the elders don't have a car so we trade off weeks with ours until the mission buys them one. It's kind of a bummer because Granby is really country and has high speed limits and no sidewalks so biking is going to be an adventure. But we gave our car to them and then came home and finished weekly planning. 

This week has been so cool and full of so many awesome experiences. I have been pondering a lot about what Sister Cordon the general Young Women's President said when she was talking to us. She said that we are children of God and he sent us HERE. Not just to Earth but to where we are now. He sent us to our families and as a missionary he sent me to Granby, Missouri. That was such a cool thought that as long as I am following what God would have me do I will be EXACTLY where he wants me to be. What a blessing it is to have a Heavenly Father who loves us enough to be that aware of us. I would encourage you to make sure you are following God so that you can be exactly where he intended you to be and recieve all the blessings he desires to give you. I love you all so much! Have a great week!

~Sister Maddie Lloyd

Picture 1: Me and my trout! :) Picture 2: We got pulled over on the way home from the confrence for not having our taillights on, we gave the cop a pass along card ;) ​​​​Picture 3: Our Special Dessert the members gave us






~Sister Madisen Lloyd