Monday, June 12, 2017

"That's super honest"

June 12, 2017

This week has been a week full of miracles. After weeks like this I am always amazed by all of the little things that Heavenly Father does and how much he is aware of us. I love seeing little snippets of the plan he has for others and I absolutely love when I get to be a part of that plan. Being a missionary is such a blessing. 

Wednesday- Wednesday was prep day which was crazy. I had to take care of things like grocery shopping for staying but Sister Sanders had to get ready to leave which made for a crazy day. By the end of prep day we had it all done. Sister Sanders was packed and I was ready to go for the next week. 

Thursday- Thursday was transfer day and, not gunna lie, I was pretty stressed. I knew my companions name was Sister Moser and that she was coming from Branson and I had met her once but that was all I knew and that was not nearly enough for comfort. When the bus pulled in with her on it I got butterflies and was so nervous but when she hopped off the bus and gave me a hug I immediately knew it was going to be great. Sister Sanders gave me a huge hug and hopped on the bus, I cried, not gunna lie. I was sad to see her go. But it drove away and we went home and got Sister Moser's stuff moved in! The rest of the day was kind of crazy because I was kind of in charge because Sister Moser was new and we don't have a car to go visit people anymore so we did a lot of walking and talking to people. I love Heavenly Father and missionary work has given me a testimony that when you are trying to be productive and do what he would have you do, he will put people or things in your path. The days when nothing is planned always get filled with good things. 

Friday- Friday we started our morning with our usual service which we always love. After that we had an appointment and we could not find a member to come so we walked about two miles to get there, which is fine, except we didn't know where we were going and only had 30 minutes to get there. We were a little stressed. Luckily, our investigator was running late too and we were able to find the restaurant we were meeting at! Our lesson was awesome. We went over the Restoration with him as a review to make sure he understood our last lesson with him and the spirit was really strong. We talked a lot about the priesthood and he had some good questions about that. He was really open and agreed to pray about Joseph Smith and the priesthood. We are hoping to get him on date for baptism in our next lesson! The rest of the day we had a lot of members come out with us to see people, most of the people we had scheduled to visit weren't home. Oh, the life of a missionary. BUT one of our members, Courtney, is super awesome and she felt bad everyone had cancelled on us all day so she bought us Pineapple Whip! (basically Pineapple flavored ice cream, only better) Which was fun. By the end of the night we were so tired we went to bed early! (10:00) it was amazing. 


Saturday- Saturday was weekly planning. Normally I hate weekly planning but this week it was so good. We walked through all of our investigators and made new game plans for each of them. We talked about all of our potential investigators and figured out how we can continue to visit them without a car. We game planned everything and I have never felt more organized! It's awesome! While we were updating the area book Sister Moser was looking through the super old area book from when there were two sets of missionaries in this area and found a lot of old sheets about former investigators. We were reading through and a lot of them used to have baptismal dates and just didn't follow through on them. We called a lot of them and ended up setting four return appointments. Two of them for Sunday. We were so excited! Sister Moser called one of the former investigators who was very kind but told us she got her questions answered and was not interested in meeting again, she just "doesn't really care". Sister Moser was quiet for a minute and then said "well, okay! That's super honest. Thanks!" and then ended the conversation and hung up. I was a little shocked and then she looked at me and yells "WHY DID I SAY THAT??? THAT WAS A HORRIBLE RESPONSE!" I busted up laughing because I was definitely confused at what "that's super honest" meant but I wasn't going to say anything. She is a hoot and a half. I love Sister Moser so much!

Sunday- On Sunday we went to church which is always great and then we talked with the bishop. We asked him about his goals and focuses for us this transfer and had a few questions about people in the ward that we didn't know. We also both got blessings. I got a lot of my questions answered and I was really at peace after my blessing. I have been wondering a lot lately why I was supposed to come on a mission. Who was I supposed to meet/ teach? Am I being effective? Am I missing the people I'm supposed to be talking to? A lot of typical missionary questions. In my blessing I was told that Heavenly Father was proud of the work I was doing and that this transfer I would be able to look into the eyes of those I was teaching and recognize that I was sent here to teach them. I was really humbled that Heavenly Father knows me well enough to be able to calm that fear and answer my concerns. After church we went to visit the former investigators we called on Saturday. When we met the first one we talked with him and his main concern was that he smokes and can't seem to kick it. We went over the baptismal interview questions and he passed all of them but that one. We invited him to start meeting with us again and he said he would. I promised him God would help him kick smoking if he really wanted to and he said he did so I am excited to see miracles as we meet with him! 

This week I have been thinking a lot about Heavenly Father. What does He do? How actively He participates in our lives. What his plan is. How I can be a better servant of Him. How I can show Him my love and that I'm trying to do what He would have me do. Lots of things and I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father. I am grateful for how actively I have seen Him participate in my life. I see little miracles and tender mercies everyday. I am also grateful for how merciful He is. I have never been perfect and I will not be perfect anytime soon but He doesn't expect me to be. He just expects me to try to be better. All I can do is my best and that's all he expects of me. I love having a Heavenly Father who knows and loves me perfectly. It makes journeying through this life a lot easier. I would invite all of you, no matter where you're at spiritually, to ask Heavenly Father to allow you to more fully feel His love and see His hand in your lives. It's awesome to take a step back and see him arrange things in your life. I love y'all so much! Thank you for all the love and support. I hope y'all have a great week!

 ~Sister Madisen Lloyd



Picture 1: Sister Moser and I Picture 2: I caught a lightning bug! Picture 3: We named the lightning bug Marcus and put him in a jar 

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